I am a ghostwriter currently working for a popular serial fiction app that specializes in supernatural fiction, romance, and erotica. I currently write one of their flagship stories, which boasts over 176 million views and counting. Additionally, I write for a spin-off from that story that has over 4 million views and counting. 

I have ghostwritten for a New York Times Best Selling author, bringing her vision for her book to life. 

Helping to execute your vision for your work is top priority, and much of the initial work we’ll do together will involve fully uncovering the tone, pacing, and theme of the work you’re looking to share with the world.

My rates are based on the length of the work, but I never send a quote until I’ve made any special considerations and have a full understanding of exactly how much time it will take for me to complete your project (my rate ranges from $20-$35/hr).

Drop me a line here to discuss your vision for your project!

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