Monthly Archives: July 2020

The Hottest Male Video Game Characters of All Time!

It’s no secret that many female game characters are designed for the male gaze. Unpopular opinion alert: I don’t mind that. I like playing with hot female characters as much as the next person, but my true tastes lie elsewhere. I don’t often salivate over the male characters in games–for one thing, they don’t quite […]

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The Importance of Outlining Your Fiction

I’ve been writing fiction for a long, long time. My mother says that I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. I have boxes of stapled together printer paper–the books that I wrote and illustrated from a very young age. I have floppy disks of half finished chapter books that I wrote in elementary, […]

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Misunderstanding Yourself.

Sometime between when I started this website and when I started blogging about video games a lot on here, I began to think that could only post when I had something to say about video games, or movies. How silly of me to have misunderstood my own purpose. Let this be proof that you can […]

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