Greedfall: The Good, The Bad & The Malichor

Greedfall is a solid RPG that will keep all but the most picky RPG gamer entertained.

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The Hottest Male Video Game Characters of All Time!

It’s no secret that many female game characters are designed for the male gaze. Unpopular opinion alert: I don’t mind that. I like playing with hot female characters as much as the next person, but my true tastes lie elsewhere. I don’t often salivate over the male characters in games–for one thing, they don’t quite […]

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The Absolute Ecstasy of Mass Effect

As an ardent Bioware fan, I play through the entire Mass Effect series once a year and I’m in the middle of my 2020 play-through as we speak. Mass Effect tells the story of Commander Shepherd, an Alliance fleet hero who is charged with (of course) saving the Earth from a species of “old-machines” called […]

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