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Why I Probably Won’t Finish Wolfenstein: The New Order

And the completionist in me weeps to face that reality. But let’s start from the beginning.  This week I decided to opt-in for Playstation Now — which is a good investment for the gamer who isn’t hung up on playing the newest shiniest releases. PS Now has a pretty good selection–including both Wolfenstein: TNO and […]

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Darkest Dungeon: Tips for Surviving the Best Turn-Based RPG You’ve Never Heard Of

I don’t know about you (it would be creepy if I did) but I loooove a good turn-based RPG, especially since they are a dying breed among mainstream game offerings. I consider turn-based mechanics to be the mark of a “true” RPG.  During my formative years, I cut my teeth on true RPGs like Final […]

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Video Game Review: The Absolute Ecstasy of Mass Effect

As an ardent Bioware fan, I play through the entire Mass Effect series once a year and I’m in the middle of my 2020 play-through as we speak. Mass Effect tells the story of Commander Shepherd, an Alliance fleet hero who is charged with (of course) saving the Earth from a species of “old-machines” called […]

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