Staying Productive During Corona Madness



It’s not easy. I learned a long time ago that having endless time on your hands can be a burden.

With that said, I’ve been more productive than ever, churning out writing samples, working on my sci-fi series, and gaming only a little.

Speaking of gaming, in the spirit of being productive, I’ve managed to play endless hours of Mass Effect 2 (I’m being funny here) and have used it as a form of meditation (seriously).

I do true meditation, you know, sitting immobile in my favorite chair, calming my racing thoughts, but what people don’t realize (or maybe they do and I’m late to the game) is that intense focus on ANY activity can be meditation. So by that logic, watching Midsommer last night was intense meditation practice. Too bad the movie is so weird I was troubled for the rest of the evening.

How are you keeping busy during this uniquely horrific time?

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