Misunderstanding Yourself.

Sometime between when I started this website and when I started blogging about video games a lot on here, I began to think that could only post when I had something to say about video games, or movies.

How silly of me to have misunderstood my own purpose. Let this be proof that you can misguide yourself pretty easily and misunderstanding your own goals is possible, believe it or not. I didn’t start this website to blog about video games, so why was my inability to create new video game articles (because I’m still playing Final Fantasy VII Remake and I have nothing to add at the moment) keeping me from adding content?

So now that I’ve gotten my head on straight and remembered that I also wanted to use this platform to talk about my fiction writing career, I’m going to do just that.

Stay tuned to read articles on my writing process, progress updates on my new work, or, just to learn what makes me (and you if I make it relatable enough) tick.

…I remember writing stay tuned on a blog years ago and I didn’t post again for 10 years….


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